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I have a 1999 chevy express van that for the past year has been making a clucking sound when I take a left or rignt turn or enter or leave a somewhat
steep driveway. I had the right spring insulator replaced a year ago and it work for a while but the clucking sound replaced. 3 days ago I had the left insulator replaced, but the sound came back that day. On monday I will be taking the van
in again. What should the tech. be looking for to solve the problem in the
front suspension.

thank you


posted by  bluemoon0419

maybe have him check the upper and lower control arm bushings/shock mounts and ball joints

your symtoms sound like bad bushings in the upper control arms

posted by  osborste

make sure the chickens are out of the way begore you back out... :laughing: :laughing:

posted by  dodger65

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