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Can anyone tell me where to find the adjusting screw for the headlights on a 2003 Cavalier ? I checked the owners manual and it wasnt any help...except for how to replace a bulb. Thought I would ask here before spending good money by taking it to a mechanic for them to turn a screw !


posted by  InnocentCat

most place's don't charge much for headlight adjustment maybe 20 to 30 bucks
you need the aiming tools so you dont have one light looking at the treetops for coons and the other in the on coming traffics face

posted by  osborste

It would be easier to just take it in to someone

posted by  99integra

I use to adjust and replace headlights on a 1990 Geo Storm that I had for years. So I know the principle behind it and the basics that need to be done. Just need to find where the adjustment screw is...if there is one. On my Geo there were 2 screws on each headlight.

posted by  InnocentCat

you have composite headlights so the screws will be inverted allen key or torx bit and they will be behind the headlight assemblly or under a cover over the top of the light

posted by  osborste

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