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Hello all,
I recently picked up a 95 probe gt (5 spd) as a work car (i drive alot of miles and did not want to put all of those miles on my other vehicles). It was running fine, then one morning when I was leaving, I attempted to go from 1st to 2nd and it would not go into gear. I am able to shift into any gear as long as the car is not running, but once the engine is on I can not shift into any gear. any suggestions?

posted by  dhawk52

I just went outside and played around with it. I noticed that the clutch was pressed about half way. I pulled it out and it works now. So I am guessing that the clutch is about to go out, if so how long do you think it will work, before having to replace it? Thanks for any help.

posted by  dhawk52

the clutch system is hydraulic the slave or master cylinder could be leaking check the fluid level most systems use dot3 brake fluid check the cap to be sure
clutch disks are like brakes you are not sure till it makes noise or you take it apart to inspect

posted by  osborste

Thanks osborte,

posted by  dhawk52

Yes it does sound like the hydaulic system is going bad, and you may not have visible leakage from it. Make sure it is full of fluid and see if you can bleed it using a vacuum bleeder kit. This may or may not solve your problem. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

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