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I am very close to paying for a 1998 Grand Cherokee,Laredo/TSi, 4.0L, 6 cylinder 4x4 - when I test drove it I heard a noise with deceleration but not with acceleration. Wondering if there could be a problem with the differential in the rear end as I was told by a friend (he is a mechanic) that Grand Cherokees are known for this type problem which usually develops after 60,000 miles - this vehicle has 87972 miles. Does anyone else know of this sort of problem? Dealer gave me a written promise that they would fix the "noise" - so far they have replaced the rear rotors, brake shoes and also repaired the emergency brake as it was not working properly but when I test drove it again the "noise" was the same. The dealership mechanic said it might be tire noise and offered to put on new tires but I don't think it would be tires since one does not hear it all the time or when accelerating. I have made a $100 deposit, plan on paying cash and have not given them the rest of the money until the problem is solved so any info provided would be much appreciated to help me in making a decision about this vehicle. After researching pricing I feel it is a good price and included 3 mo./3000 mile warranty by dealer. One other question - what is your opinion regarding buying an extended warranty plan offered by the dealer - worth the extra $$ or not. Thanks again for any input.

posted by  Quest

Your friend is correct. The differential in your Jeep is famous for being noisy on over run but... They will usually last for 150-200k miles if you can stand the noise. Nature of the beast.

There are too many variables when talking extended warranties. Some are good, some are okay and some are a total waste of money. Find out very specifically what it covers, what kind of freedom you have as far as choosing a service provider and what the deductables are.

posted by  vwhobo

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