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i recently bought a used mazda mpv and the timing belt is broke i was told by a mechanic that it might require a new engine because of the valves. is there another motor to replace this engine that would be better and cheaper than the interference engine and what is the difference between regular and the interference engine

posted by  jbugger

interference engines refer to the crank and cam timing (piston travel and opening/closeing of the valve train in the cylinder heads )if the timing is off the piston will come in contact with the valve face and bend/break the valve or piston tops
non interference means just that the pistons will not hit the valves if the timing is out

as for the engine that depends on how much you are willing to spend you can shoe horn just about anything in if you got the money and the time
or you could just replace the engine with another from the wreckers or a rebuilt/new or tear your apart and see how bad the damage is you might only need to replace the valves in the head's or get rebuilt heads

then sell it :laughing:
i feel for you my uncle did the same to his 94mpv

posted by  osborste

If you have an interference engine it simply means that if a valve is open and the piston is at or very near the top of it's travel (which is likely to happen when a timing chain or belt brakes) then you will have valve-to-piston collision. If you don't have an interferance engine, and if your valve is open at or near the end of the upward piston travel, your piston and valve will not collide.

However, neither of these cases call for a replacement engine. At best you replace a few valves (in the case of an interference engine having piston-to-valve collision) and at worst a few valves and a few pistons. Generally a few valves, however.

P.S: Find another machanic. I'm not saying he's a bad one, I don't know. The obvious here is that he is trying to rip you off. RUN.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Just because it is an interferance engine does not mean there has been any damage done to it, but the odds are there was some valve to piston contact.
BTW, looks like the engine is coming along Dodgerida!

posted by  srober32

Nah that's just a mock-up. :ohcrap: I wish it were that far along. I'm supposed to pick up the rotating assembly this afternoon. We'll see.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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