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Home  \  Repairs & Maintenance  \  Help with Tire Sizing i own a 1985 Pontiac Firebird 2.8L i bought new tires and rims for it. I got 15x7 cragars with a 4" backspacing because that seemed to be the only size i could find. I also bought some yokohamas 235/60-15..the company said that those are the factory option size for the car and right now i have the stock option which are 195/75-14. The company i bought the tires from said they will deffinately fit as long as i have a at least a 15x7 rims. I wont have a chance to mount them for a few weeks but i was looking at my car right now and there is a stabilizer bar i guess with a grease boot on it that attaches to the lower control arm and i can just fit my finger between that and my tire.. But heres the million dollar question. I have a 14 inch rim and i got a ruler inside as best as i could and im pretty sure its close to a 4" rear spacing but i dont know what width of the rim is. I know the new tires are deffinatly wider but i guess as long as the rear spacing is the same it shouldn't matter.. or does it? will those tires fit if the rear spacing is the same size or does the rims width make that much of a difference..i guess if worst comes to worst i might have to buy spacers but i dont know.. Can anyone help me out please. :ohcrap:

posted by  '85 Firebird

you should be ok w/ 235's. i had an 85 w/ 255/60/15's on the back and 235/60/15's on the front they cleared w/ no problem. just remember about the speedo inaccuracy when you put bigger wheels on... :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

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