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Hi guys,

I have a 1984 Holden LB Astra (Hatchback) that seems to have a few rust holes directly above both the driver and passenger sides of the car roof. I tried patching it up a good 5 months ago where the holes would have been about 50x80mm C.S.A (With wire mesh first inserted). Is this too bigger hole to fill up without welding another bit of roofing first?

I wish to do the job again since my car is leaking :laughing: and was wondering if the best way would be to angle grind again and remove the filler done 5months ago and start again, or to just go over the top after putting rust converter and sanding that down?

I need to do it by this weekend as the wet season over here in Australia is now and i have already had one incident this week where im driving in my car AND STILL GETTING RAINED ON...lol

Thanks guys,

posted by  sharpear

if you want it to leak again, use bondo. If you don't want it to leak anytime soon, weld in a metal patch. :screwy: :2cents:

posted by  srober32

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