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My girlfriend has a 98 Nissan 200XS. Her check engine light just came. I tested it and got trouble code 1446. This trouble code is not in the Haynes service manual. Can anyone tell me what this trouble code is, and how I can repair it? :banghead:

posted by  StormShadow

this is what i got for a nissan with obd II system
P1446 Nissan EVAP Canister Vent Valve Circuit
could be just the gas cap not tight or no good
electrical solinoid failure
vacuum leak in evap system

posted by  osborste

:clap: Thanks for your help! I tried to talk to a Nissan dealer about it but I got one hell of a run around with them. They wanted me to bring it in to test and fix. They wouldn't give me any indication of what the code meant.

posted by  StormShadow

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