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I have an '02 Chevy Blazer that wasn't driven for about six months. I took it into the shop in August to get the car looked at, drove it for the next two months over the course of about 2,000 miles, and then it sat in my parent's driveway for the next months. Now that I am driving the car again, I just took it back to the shop to get the oil changed and to make sure everything was in good condition. I was told that my brake pads and rotors were too rusted to be driven and that they needed to be fixed. After doing a little research, it appears to me that rust is normal and that a period of 6 months isn't enough time to leave the brakes with enough rust to leave car undrivable. Any insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated because a grand seems pretty steep for this.

posted by  tim0fee

you rotors maybe to thin to machine(cleanup)
the pads maybe showing sign's of cracking/seperating
check the attachments

posted by  osborste

I agree with osborste, but he should have explained what the pics were of. Here's my take on them. Pic #1; rotor worn out from caliper not sliding or being siezed. Pic #2; worn out pad on the left, new one on the right. Pic #3; is self explanitory...rusted rotor. I am not trying to be a smart ass here, just poking osborste in the ribs a little. :laughing:

posted by  srober32

i only posted what i felt was nessary
poke away :thumbs:

posted by  osborste

blazer rotors rust/delaminate due to a high iron content. they dont even have to sit around to give you trouble. best bet is to replace them with quality steel aftermarket rotors and good pads. $1000 is a bit much. shop around !

posted by  DFgerbil

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