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I have an imported 1988 Daihatsu Atrai (S80V....similar to a Hi-Jet...but still no one knows what it is), 550cc turbo, 5spd manual...goes like a dream.....when it wants to stay cool :)

Anyway I've had it for about half a year, the water pump was replaced when I first got it. The pump was modified to fit my van as the S80V was never sold in Australia, it was JDM only. The temp was running fine untill a month or so ago when it would randomly overheat. I assumed it was a blockage in the radiator, so we flushed it out but it didnt fix the problem. I then thought it was the Thermostat getting stuck and not opening, but just recently I have noticed im not hearing the thermo fan kick in anymore (I remember hearing it other times when it was running nicely).

Yesterday I took the fan off and tested it off the car, and it works. So I thought it could be the sensor in the bottom of the radiator that turns the fan on when it gets hot. I took that out and boiled a pot of water, connected it to a power meter thing that dad has, and its fine, i heard it tick when it got hot and the meter shot up.

SOOO...now im thinking it could be something to do with the wirering, or something along those lines. Today I took the fan sensor out of the radiator, but left the wires connected, boiled a pot of water and dipped the sensor into the boiling water (with the keys turned to on) but the fan did not come on. Should it come on if I do that? Im not missing anything am I?

Sorry for the long post. Im just a bit too broke right now to pay a mechanic to take a look. Hopefully some of you understand my post and can help out :)


EDIT: Here is a photo of it


posted by  dan_24

so the fan works the temp switch works
the fan draws a large load of power that the temp switch could not handle it would burn out so you need to find the cooling fan relay
your temp switch activates the relay to activate the fan
the bad part here is i'm not familiar with the van so i can only say it will be near a fuse panel or power center near the battery

posted by  osborste

thanks for the reply osborste.
Im tryin to search Yahoo Japan using online translators, etc. for some sort of tech sheets, etc. so if i find them it could be MUCH easier.....

Thanks again.

posted by  dan_24

That van is gangsta. Reminds me of Ninja Turtles.

posted by  EvilPodAE

that thing is tight hahhaaha

posted by  C c C

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