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I have a 98 Ford Taurus, and this morning I stopped at a stop sign, and tried to accelorate and the car wouldn't initially kick into gear. The RPM's shot up and it took maybe about 5 seconds before it would. When it did it kind of shuttered for a couple of seconds and then went normal until the next stop sign. Then the same thing happened. Also I noticed a weird humming sound coming from the drivers side under the hood. The noise was kind of the same noise as when your low on power steering fluid. Kind of that high pitch sound. I no it's not the power steering unit, the noise isn't on the same side, nor is it coming from the unit. It sounds like it's actually coming some where around the back of the battery below the air filter to the left a little bit. :banghead: Could this be a bad sensor? Anybody have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

posted by  StormShadow

check the transmission fluid (need to check level ground in park car running engine at normal operating temp)fluid is likely low and at idle/stop to accel the trans is getting an air pocket and not fluid causing the problem this would be the same as your p/s pump whining when low on fluid

posted by  osborste

Thanks! Im going to give it a try right now and see what happens. Hopefully thats it, but nowing my luck it's probably I'll let you know. :clap:

posted by  StormShadow

Well I gave that a try, but still the same results. Still stuttering when going forward, and the whinning is still there. Any other ideas of what it might be?

posted by  StormShadow

so the fluid level is full hot level
then the trans will need to be check as it has multipul sensors
check around here for more posting there was one not long ago on a taurus with a bad sensor on the trans
sorry thats the extent of my trans experiance i only remove & replace tranny.gets sent out for repair

posted by  osborste

i remembered it was a bad lock-up solinoid on the other taurus

posted by  osborste

my vote is that the front pump in the tranny decided it's going on strike (occasionally) the whining and the slow engagement make me think the pressure's low. or the cooler lines are restricted. but my money's on the front pump...

posted by  dodger65

this is a common problem with the older ford tauras the forward clutch piston splits/cracks around the seal land causing a loss of fluid pressure, when you stop the line pressure drops to minimum and the clutch pack releases causing it to go into a neutral situation. ford has redesigned the piston 6 times that i know of and has pretty much fixed the problem but its a trans o/h that will fix it but only if the technician has been there did that before personally i have did around 100 of them
ppauley/cobra freek

posted by  ppauley

Your problem sounds similar to a problem we had with my wife's 99 Taurus. It seems there is a problem with oil getting into the air intake hoses where it connects in the back of the engine. This causes the rubber hose to slip off and allows extra air to leaking in. This caused a high pitch hiss and we noticed the rpms were running high. We found a mechanic that was able to rig a clamp on the hose to keep it from slipping off. You may want to check it if this sounds like a reasonable explaination to what you are experiencing. Hope this helps.

posted by  ajwagers

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