1994 K1500 Pickup won't start properly

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone could diagnose what is wrong with our truck. The truck refuses to start unless we jack up the front. I'm not really the car person in the household, infact I am just cruising place to place in search of help, with little luck. My dad has tried everything he can think of, and no one we ask even believes that our truck will start up once it is jacked up but not when it is on the ground. He has tried changing the battery, checking if it was the oil, and probably more than I would know of. Does anyone know anything that could be the problem?

posted by  Mint

need a little more info -engine/transmission/
do you have to jack it up everytime?
by jacking it up you are flexing/twisting the frame the engine and transmission are on rubber mounts
the only thing here that come to mind is the twisting/flex is giveing you a better ground(better contact)maybe check the grounding cable from the engine to battery
quick check take a set of booster cables ground the engine to the battery

posted by  osborste

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