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Can anyone help with a little problem?

I have had a high pitched whistling sound coming from the drivers side of the car. I have had wheels off and the brakes look fine a did discover my drive shaft was damaged and had this replaced thinking that was the problem, however, the noise has continued somebody has suggested it could be my crankshaft pulley.

I do have some basic knowledge of cars (can do service myself and small repairs). Is this a difficult job to do ones self? Or could anybody suggest anything else it could be?

Many thanks in anticipation

Andy :thumbs:

posted by  Andyroo

here's a pic it might help someone help you as well it's a peugeot(i didn't know)
looking at the pic the air intake is on the drivers side if not fitted correctly might give you whistle sound throught any leaks/cracks

posted by  osborste

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