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Hello Everyone I have a problem mabey someone could help with I have a 99 Chevy Lumina the AC blows but it blows through the bottom of the dash and the defrost vent I cant seem to find out what happened could a hose have came loose? and if so how can I fix it ?? :banghead: thx...PEPSI

posted by  PEPSI

the ac/heater controls are eletric and vacuum the vacuum controls vacuum acutator(mark with red) if you can hear them hissing(leaking) or not holding vacuum (bad diaphram inside actuator)then its bad and needs replaceing
the first place to check would be the main vacuum supply from engine to the heater control switch if theres vacuum then check the switch (bad seal on switch)then move on to the actuators
note these pic's are from my manual for a 1997-2000 malibu but the heater systems are similar with respect to the vacuum operation

posted by  osborste

:clap: THANKS I will try it ...Pepsi

posted by  PEPSI

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