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the guy that my dad goes to for everything automotive is currently having a problem with his truck

a little background first:
this guy has helped my dad and i out with EVERYTHING automotive in the past, he looked over my truck before dad settled the deal, he's helped dad with his VW, always seems makes a little time for us if we have an automotive problem, and is just a general good guy

currently he's experiencing a problem with his '97 F150, and dad asked me to check and see if anyone had any ideas about what might solve the problem
now, on to the email from dad

anyone? Hobo, what do you think?

here are links to other forums where i've asked the same question, just so you guys can check and see if there is anything you agree, or disagree with
FordSix (
Mustang Central (

posted by  asa67_stang

Has he rotated tires front to back and checked for missing balance weights on the hubs ?.... Forgot to read the other forums//Oh, forgot driveshaft weight

posted by  lectroid

You must be on the shit list, judging by all the replies you received....?

posted by  lectroid

Well man, sorry it took so long but I was looking for something that doesn't exist. I was sure that I had read about that problem somewhere but can't find it.

I'm sure based on the experience of the people involved that all of the basics have been covered. Are there any noises that accompany this or any other problems he's having with the truck?

posted by  vwhobo

nah, i've learned to be patient, there are some things more important than me, and the problems i am working on, so i wait
besides, others on the other forums have helped out (i remember someone asking about the best car forums, the ones above and this one are the ones i frequent most)

s'ok Hobo, like i said, i can be patient
i don't think there are any other problems, anything that he's done, or any symptoms should be in there

the tires are less than a year old though, and he knows it isn't sidewall seperation, but he hasn't had a chance to read any of the other posts beyond that, so we still have no further info to go on
he's been busy lately, but dad said he'd stop buy earlier today, haven't heard anything 'bout that tho

soon as i know more, i'll pass it on

posted by  asa67_stang

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