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I have a 99 honda civic si. I have to sets of drums I use on my car, one for the winter and one for the summer which is painted silver.

I just took off my winter drums and put my summer drums on. Now I’m getting this vibration when ever I step on the breaks.

Why is it doing this?
Any suggestions on how I can fix this?


posted by  mar1300

was there any surface rust on the drums?
was it ok when you first put the drum's?
have you checked the front rotor's
the vibration do you feel in the steering or the seat/ body of the car

posted by  osborste

I didn’t see any surface rust on the drums.

It wasn’t ok when I first put the drums on.

The rotor’s and break pads are 2 weeks old.

The vibration is in the body of the car.

posted by  mar1300

did the balance wieghts on one of the drums come off?
if not
have the rear drums machined they are out of round

posted by  osborste

Could it be that my break shoe has to get a custom to the summer drums again?

posted by  mar1300

no a drum is a drum as long as surface is smooth no rust or hard spots (discoloured steel surface)
one last question when you put on the summer drums where they tight to put on rotate. if they were tight to rotate the drums have overheated and now are out of round (oval) and if still serviceable need to be machined true again(made round)

posted by  osborste

Vibration. Try taking off the heels and toes of your brake shoe, you don't have to take much off. Please be careful and don't breath the dust, it kills. All you have to do is sand it to about a 1/16 to 1/8 radius and this stops grabbing. Good luck.

posted by  DaveC

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