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Hello all:
My 1996 5.7L 6 speed T/A (113K) has let me down twice in as many days. When I try to start her the key is completely dead, as though the clutch was not depressed (no noise..nothing). After about 5 minutes and a lot of fussing with the clutch/ shifter and steering wheel she starts right up. I do need a clutch but was wondering if you "motorheads" :-) could help out! Many thanks Craig T - Long Island, NY

Oh, I almost forgot...both times she failed to start was when the engine was warm...thanks

posted by  TransamTad13

most likely the starter or solinoid is failing with the heat
before you go and change it check the connections at the battery and the starter first for corrosion

posted by  osborste

Thanks for taking the time to reply! The car has started every time since my post. I'm now thinking the rainy weater might be contributing. When we get a couple of dry days over the weekend I guess I'll be laying in the street. Thanks again. Transam Tad :thumbs:

posted by  TransamTad13

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