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i've got a 93 sunbird gt 3.1 v6 and it is running really bad some times it will run just fine and 5 or 10 minutes later it is running like crap it acts like its missing and it floods really bad plus when it is running bad it smokesvery bad and there seems to be nothing i can do to fix it.

posted by  bfoth

so what have you done so far? any codes...etc.

posted by  dodger65

I can't quite get any codes yet because i can't drive it anywhere and and i don't know anyone with a code reader. so far after checking all of the sensors i think it is the oxygen sensor but there is more wrong with the car than that, the car had no exaust and my brothers cut out the cat and put a straight pipe in there but i found out that the mufflers have two big hols in them so the engine isn't getting very much back pressure.

posted by  bfoth

is the service engine light on?(it's a 93 obdI system you could check for codes with a cotter pin as a jumper )let us know we could post a pic on how to do this
when it acts up you could test the ignition coils you may have one going bad(no spark) this would make it run bad unburnt fuel would throw off the o2 sensor
the engine should still run fairly well with the exhaust system in it condition just louder

posted by  osborste

the check engine lite won't come directly on it just flashes when the engine misses or is running so bad that i need it pinned to keep it running, also it is now out of gas there seems to be no leak but i have to leave the gas cap open to keep the engine from starving(the fuel tank vaccum) plus some one who owned it before me had cut the wires for the tps the temp sensor and somthin else on the air intake but i have alredy put all of those back on

posted by  bfoth

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