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:?: I have an '84 Mitsubishi Starion with the turbo 2.6 4 cyl. My mechanic says the computer ground is shot. Does any one know where to find a used one and what do you look for with one of these? Also, will a computer from another type of vehicle cross over for this car?

posted by  Sankeni

What is a "computer ground"? I don't know about cars, but it probably isn't recommended to replace a computer in a car, they're probably made specifically for each model, based on its brakes, parts, etc. The computers are made to "control" the car, so another computer will not do it properly, I guess unless it's from the same model. If it doesn't control it properly, you can get in an accident very easily. Oh yeah, you might want to look at a junk yard.

posted by  ilusha2

If the computer is bad you can use one from a Plymouth conquest also it was the same car.

posted by  crash8168

if you want, you could get an aftermarket one that would work, and it would also bump up the hp a little

posted by  mazda6man

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