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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to fix the drivers side. once locked it will not unlock. they are not power locks however, so if i lock them and then try to open the door with the key it will not work. It does work on the passengers side although it is a very big pain to climb into the passengers side to get into the car. any suggestions on how i might be able to fix this?

posted by  Davidson

so can you open that door at all?

if so, open it up, take off the interior panel and see what's going on when you try and turn the lock.

posted by  windsonian

I'm in the same boat. I have a 1992 ford tempo and I can't get one of the back doors open at all. I do have power locks but they only work on the driver's door for some strange reason. What should I do? i can't open the door at all and i think the lock is jammed.

posted by  Pmutch

Unfortunately I don't know about getting around the lock with the door closed. Apparently in some models you can get the interior panel off while the door is closed, but I don't know about yours.

posted by  windsonian

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