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I need some advise on weather I can chang out my oil seal on the front of the crankshaft on the engine without pulling the engine out of the car? I have a 3.0 Liter V 6, in a 1989 Ford Taurus 4 dr. any help would be appreciated. thanks, Daniel Flynn oil leak

posted by  Daniel Flynn

well, Daniel Flynn oil leak, yes you can. but check the oil pan 1st, because they tend to rust out on those...

posted by  dodger65

thank you verry much, the car was a free give away from my employer. I think mostly becouse he felt that is was going moore work than he realy wanted to put into the car. question? will I have any real problems with clearence when removing th bolts for the timing chane cover?

posted by  Daniel Flynn

if you need to remove only the seal then remove the pulley and balancer then use 2 machine screw's dont screw them in to far just enough to grip the seal
screws into the seal 180 deg from one another and use the screw's to pry out seal this will save haveing to do the timing cover and gasket

posted by  osborste

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