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HELP!! The owner of this apartment building wants me to fix my car or remove it from this property because of non-working condition it is in. To make a long story short: We sold this vehicle to a deaf woman. She should ask us for help but she didn't. She decided to take her car (radiator's fans were not working correctly) to her friend who is not deaf but has NO experience whatsoever in the vehicles. He cut the wires and installed the wires with clips (apparently from a battery charger) and then he clipped it on to the battery terminal post. I told her that it's illegal to alter or repair in that inappropriate style. One day, she forgot to put a clip on it. She continued to drive but the vehicle stalled on the street off-ramp from the freeway. The water was overboiled. She towed it away to here. She had nothing to do with this car so she sold it to me. She and her family moved to another state.

The radiator was check empty. I checked the dipster and the appearance on it was like a "oil paint" because the water was inside the engine. Right now, I re-checked the dipster and it looks like the water went down. Someone said "Blown motor gasket" but which one? Another said "water pump" and other said "needs to be rebuilt." We haven't pour in the oil and water yet. Because we need help from you. Thanks. :oops:

posted by  Whitewolf1970

if the engine has sat for a few months i would consiter getting another motor from a wrecking yard the water(antifreeze) and the bearings dont mix well together. the head gasket is likely gone from the overheating
to repair this motor is likely going to cost more than it would to replace it

posted by  osborste

Hi, I'm back. Thanks. My neighbor is fixing it. Wheeew! But now I have a hard time with the color codes on the wires for the stereo. I've no idea what was going on and I've no idea why the older stereo has been sitting there. Once I removed the oldest one, it was not plugged in at all. But once I was installing the wire harness, the red wire is missing. What left is the silly brown, white/yellow, green/black, and green/white. :( I looked around for the red color..NONE.

posted by  Whitewolf1970

And the red wire is supposed to do what? If it is the power lead then just run a new one from the fuse box.

posted by  srober32

Well, as far as it goes, I just found there is no red wire from 1992 Hyundai Elantra. All it got is a blue with red line wire for ignition. The brown wire I found out is the power coming from battery. Now my stereo is working but louder than I have in other car. I checked under the seat and found out it has an amp box underneath the carpet. Well, now it's a nice place to listen but not for driving thought. Thanks guys. :thumbs:

One more thing, do you have any idea where I can find a way to get from trunk to stereo for the power antenna, it only comes with shorter lines for power and the radio. Thanks.

posted by  Whitewolf1970

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