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good evening and thanks in advanvce my question the evening is about the fluid in the trans (1991 chevy s10 4.3L automatic trans not sure of the number on trans ) we just replaced the trans ,torque converter,and filter and fluid we used 7 qts of trans fulid and it still is not up on the dip stick
how much fluid should this take?

posted by  rocky80

if the torque was empty on install then it could take up to 9-10L or more to have it show full hot level
stop at 9 and check then go 1/2 at atime

posted by  osborste

...more than 7 qts...

posted by  dodger65

I have seen transmissions take as few as 5 quarts and as much as 15 (with torque converter empty). Follow osborste's advice on filling the tranny.

posted by  srober32

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