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I can't get this thing to start. It started, I moved it to clean it out & it wouldn't start again. It just turns without starting. It's a 1991 Ford econoline 350. auto trans. I tried jumping it & it didn't make a difference. I moved the battery cables & it wanted to start, so I charged the battery & put new cables in. Still nothing. I checked the fuel line & it seems o.k. I don't know how to check the fuel pump.( It sounds like it's working.) Would the fuel filter keep it from starting? It's getting spark. I can't tell if it's getting fuel or not.

posted by  Cassie Rasco

the test fitting looks like a tire valve push in the valve to see if you have fuel pressure and turn on the key to activate the fuel pump

posted by  osborste

I can't even locate the test fitting. I looked under the van, under the hood and the dog house. uggghhhh. :banghead:

posted by  Cassie Rasco

the test valve is either on the fuel rail, where the injectors mount to, or on the line leading to it. follow the line to where they meet and it should be close. if you cant find it go to the fuel filter and disconnect the line, but be ready to catch the fuel in a can or something. turn the key to the acc. on position. fuel should spray out if the pump is working.

posted by  dano

It seems to be getting fuel. When we try to start it the battery drains rapidly, and the posts get real hot. We used a different battery and the same thing happened.??????

posted by  Cassie Rasco

What shape are the plug wires in, spray the wires down with some kind of non conductive, wd40 or someother, you may be loosing your spark through the wire casings

posted by  jackslap

Our battery did the same thing in our truck but the starter was gone or going. You could see the coating on the wire smoke then start to melt (ground wire). Dont know whats wrong with yours thoug, Good luck on finding the problem.

posted by  car_crazy89

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