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Went to have my 2001 Ford Windstar aligned. They said they could not align it to within the specs unless they adjusted the camber and caster. In order to do this, they needed to drill through the strut towers which would take about 2 hours. I said forget it and took the van home. I've never heard of having to go to that extreme to make an adjustment, bad design if its true. This is my first Windstar so I'm not really up on it or mechanically inclined enough to know whether they were trying to take me for a ride or not. Anybody know for sure? Thanks

posted by  iaminis

looked up a 98 windstar and yes this is normal to adjust there's a reinforcement plate just below the nuts on the strut tower this plate will move with the strut they need to oval/oblong the hole's on the body/strut tower to allow the strut movement for adjustment
my question to you is does the van pull L/R? abnormal tire wear? did you have front suspension work done ball joints/tie rods/springs
most wheel alignments if camber and caster are close to spec's and not wearing tires most shop's will adjust the toe in/out only

posted by  osborste

Sounds about right for the Windstar, and yes it is poor design from the repair stand point but from the production stand point it is faster and easier to spot weld it.

posted by  srober32

ford had a better idea... :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  dodger65

Yeah, build it as cheap as possible and charge top $ for it. Sheesh, sometimes I feel like walking over to Ford World HQ and knocking some heads. :banghead:

posted by  srober32

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