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The right highbeam of my '95 Caprice won't come on and I know it's a good bulb because it works in the opposite socket. A friend suggested replacing the switch at the steering collumn, but I doubt each bulb would have a dedicated line from that point (wrong?) and I don't want to get a switch I don't need (cost?) and face having to tear down the collumn (hours?) just to find out this was the wrong guess. I made a visual trace of everything not hidden - found nothing. I sprayed contact cleaner in the socket and every connector I could find to no avail. Please help me to exhaust all other (cheaper) possibilities. :ohcrap:

posted by  boobyhatchbound

the right head light runs off the same wire as the left there's a splice in the harness somewhere
have you tested the socket with a test light checking for power high/low and ground a bad ground could make the highbeam back feed throught the low beam curcuit

with that said short of finding the problem you could run new wires from the left headlight to the right spliceing into the connectors and cutting off the old right side headlight wire's from the plug leave enough to splice in to new wire's

posted by  osborste

:oops: I'm ashamed to admit that idea makes so much sense that it's probably why I didn't think of it. I'll do the splice thing. Thanks heaps for responding so promptly. I thought I would be lucky to get anyone interested before tomorrow. I got up to get lunch and came back to find desert waiting for me! :laughing:

posted by  boobyhatchbound

thats what most people would do instead of finding the break in the wire's for headlights anyway :laughing:

posted by  osborste

Or it could be a dirty or loose connector at the headlight end. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

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