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I have a 1994 Toyota Pickup 4cly 4wd that i have been working on and i found that the air flow meter was defective, i also found that replacing this part is expensive. So in order to get the truck to run instead of replacing the part i put the fuel pump on a toggle switch to bypass the meter (which contains a switch for the fuel pump). Now the vehicle is getting fuel and runs with the fuel pump on a switch. the truck has corect timing but when i was ready to go for a test drive i put the air box on and plugged in the air flow meter, the engine immediatly started pulsing, revving up then almost shutting off compleatly over and over again. i was just wondering if the airflow meter was nessesary for the vehicle to run propperly without the meter connected being the fuel pump is now on a switch. i was also wondering of the airflow meter has any other functions other than the fuel pump switch and of course monitoring air flow.

I appologise for the length of the post and would appreciate any suggestions.

posted by  vette2004

no wrecking yard in your area
check for one online link to multiple wrecking yards usa/canada cities
the air flow meter monitor's the air going in and help to adjust fuel/air ratio and probably a few other adjustment for the engine

is this the part (attachment)

posted by  osborste

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