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The previous user (my dad) of my 94 Accord EX used to grab on to the frame above the door before getting out. Unfortunately, this left a faint orangish discoloration in that general area. Other than repainting, does anyone have any idea how to remove that stain?

posted by  hondaman

try paint thinner on and old rag and scrub really hard, but not too hard where it takes off original paint

posted by  C c C

Thanks, I'll give it a shot and see how it goes...

posted by  hondaman

The right compound and some elbow grease will get it off.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Well, the paint thinner helped, but there is still a faint stain, I think maybe it's cause it's been there for years, and I'm only now doing something about it...I'll try the elbow grease idea and see if that will get rid of it.

posted by  hondaman

alcohol will remove permanent marker off most any surface, it may work on this too....when all else fails get FOLEX

posted by  Cassie Rasco

FOLEX? What's that?

posted by  hondaman

I think its FOLEX, instant carpet spot remover (stain remover). Or atleast thats the only reasonable thing that came up using a google search.

posted by  car_crazy89

ok, thanks.

posted by  hondaman

You may try adding some hard car wax to your cloth if you are going to use elbow grease with it, the circular rubbing over an extended period does release some paint and aid in giving the lustre we like and has always been a means of removing miner scratches, it may just do the trick for the stain.

posted by  jackslap

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