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When it is hot out side my 95 tarus station wagon 3.0 doesn't want to start. Once the ambient air temperature cools down it will drive fine. The engine will turn over with spark, but seems to have low fuel pressure. Seems to be electrical, but I don't know what component. Could the amient air temp effect the fuel pump?

posted by  justin.carter

i'd start with the fuel pressure, myself...

posted by  dodger65

need to find what part is failing when hot outside need to know 3.0L or 3.8L
check when hot does it turn over hot??
1 fuel pump and pressure(dodgers)
2 spark-plug-wires-ignition module-distributor pickup-ignition coil

posted by  osborste

I think your fuel pump is going bad. I had a Ford do that once to me before. Whenever it wouldnt start (because of the fuel pump), I could turn the key from OFF to START a few times until the fuel pump would turn on, then I was good to go. Next time this happens just turn the key to ON and listen out for the fuel pump.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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