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I only joined today so I hope this is not rude for the forum, the car was given to me since even repaired the previous owner would not be able to afford to insure and license it, and since I had loaned my little geo metro to them when ever they needed to go somewhere, they gave it to me in appreciation for loaning them mine until I was hit by a school bus and the geo was written off. Sorry for the long start. The car is a Stanza GXE, four door. 2400, 4 cylinder, fuel injected, electric everything, air conditioning. The car was at speed on the highway when the engine stopped and when the vehicle stopped the gearshift lever would only move from neutral position to reverse position with no actual detectable action in the feel of the lever or sound from the transmission (auto) The verdict by a service centre was new or refurbished transmission, the transmission fluid level shows a little better than half way up the stick, the transmission clicks when the vehicle is moved, pushing, and with the vehicle on jackstands by turning the router. I have the manual for the vehicle but there are a couple of descriptions that don't match, so I am hopeing to, rifle through the knowledge here for assisstance. One thing there is a long support or mount that spans the entire engine compartment underneath, front to back,right where the engine and torgue housing join, it looks like a major component of the vehicle , will I need to support anything besides the engine and transmission, my intention is to attempt a repair depending on what I find, once I get it out, also is it reasinable to try to drop it down and out, will the engine have enough flexibilty in all its parafinailia to allow it. Is it going to give a workout.lol Thanks for any info and /or ideas to make it easier, any places that may have more details about this particular setup would be much appreciated. Thanks folks.

posted by  jackslap

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