Timing Belt Tensioner '93 Geo Metro 1.0 L.

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I bought a used '93 Geo Metro 1.0 L 5 spd with 146,000 miles on it for

Love it! Being that old and with 146k miles and NO KNOWLEDGE of the
previous owner's "care" of it, I decided to replace the TIMING BELT.

Used a NAPA 2521660 belt and tensioner pulley kit.

I aligned the Timing mark to 0 deg BTDC and the Camshaft iming pulley to
the mark on top of the frame by the pulley.

Was that right? - Chilton's Manual just says "align the timing marks".
No diagrams or photos.... Cheap!

The engine runs well.

Is the new tensioner pulley supposed to run hot? Makes a 'whoosh-whoosh'
sound. The old pulley spins easily and does not wobble, but I got a new one
just to be safe ($65 for the kit).

QUESTION - the Geo Metro tensioner pulley is tightened by rotating an arm.
There is a spring on the arm - what for if one has to tighten
both the pulley bolt and the bolt on the arm?

QUESTION - How tight should the Timing Belt be? The tensioner pully can
be tightened to the extent of the arm w/o any problem.
How much play should the timing belt have?

QUESTION - Should I now retime the engine with a timing light (I have one)?


posted by  DoctorBill

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