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I have 2002 Explorer XLT with front and rear A/C. On the front dash there are 4 vents. When I turn on the A/C it blows cold air from the left two vents, and warm air from the right two vents. The rear A/C works fine.
Is this something that a guy with a little bit of car knowledge can fix or is it going to have to go to the garage? Any suggestions?

posted by  topher98

you didnt say if its equipt with dual climate control driver/passanger
the heater/ac system has damper doors and vacuum operated actuator's
the door maybe jammed or the actuator's vacuum supply is disconnected or the diaphram is leaking(not holding vacuum)
this is not an easy task if you need to remove the heater/ac box you will need to have the ac system drained and the antifrezze drained
i think if you have limited tools just check for the damper doors operation and if you can see the actuator's under the dash on the heater box make sure they open and close with the controls heater/ac/def etc.

posted by  osborste

It is a single climate control system, thats why it was confusing me. I figured that the air would come out the same temp. from all the vents.
I will go check the dampers. Thank you!

posted by  topher98

Took it to the dealer and they replaced the evaporator, and the compressor. Works good as new now!! :clap:

posted by  topher98

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