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My cars low beams do not go on. When I have it set to full, the highbeams come on, and the corner lights come on. When I set it to low, only the corner beams come on.

posted by  Galian Beast

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posted by  SuperJew

Rather difficult to diagnose online. Proper terminology is helpful too. You have two positions low beam/high beam, not low/full, but I've got the idea.
The deal with your car is you have three probable causes. The low beam filiments are smoked on both sides, the headlight switch is bad or the dimmer (multi-function) switch is bad. Two minutes with a test light will tell you if you have bad bulbs or if it's inside the car. Troubleshooting and isolating the switches is a little more complicated.

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posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  vanyaviper

its very simple to check to see if your globes are blown, unscrew your head light, pull and twist the globe, check and see if its blown (usually out of color or little wires busted, then take it to your nearest auto spare shop, tell them what you told us, show them the globe and they will give u a new one, they only cost like $1 so even its not your globe your not loosing much, then go put your globe in, (the opposite way you got it out) and see if it goes!

posted by  stringer001

Of course this is not only the hardest way to test the bulbs but also the most inconvenient, expensive and time consuming. Stringer old boy, I don't know what they're teaching you in your "mechanic's school" but you either need to get your money back or pay more attention.

posted by  vwhobo

to add a bit of insult maybe pay more attention. :D

posted by  SuperJew

Thats not expensive at all, over here wed have it tested and fixed, that method in less that 10 minuites, and cost $1 for the globe, now i havent been to mechanic school yet but the buisness i work for has shown me that method and it was simple in my mind! Tell me why its expensive and time consuming.

posted by  stringer001

Hey, I just read your forum and im having the same problem with my Pontiac Grand AM Se, well similiar. My lows or highs dont come on at all. I have to hold the level back to keep the highs on. Thats all i get out of my car. I tested if any voltage was coming out of the headlight switch and there wasnt any at all. This means my switch is bad. If you havent't solved your problem try doing that if you have a Multimeter and get a wiring diagram of your headlights.


posted by  borass07

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