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hey i'm thinking of getting a camshaft for my duster but i dont want something to radical just good low and mid range i have an 650 cfm carb, performer manifold both edelbrock, and msd ignition box, spark coil and distributor.

posted by  Fastdriver542

thought you were selling it?

anyways, CompCams has a techline, basically you can give 'em a call, or email them
you give them the specs of your engine, and what you want from it, they'll give you a list of options

or you could try looking up engine buildups from some popular magazines, they should have the cam listed and what else was done to the engine

posted by  asa67_stang

This is a little more than what you're looking for but... I have an engine in my wifes horse trailer puller ('87 D-150, 727, Dana 60) very close to this and it's freaking awesome. The only major differences are I have a milder cam and smaller carb. It would fly in a Duster.

posted by  vwhobo


posted by  stringer001

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