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We just bought a 1988 GL Subaru. The High beams work, the motor seems as good as can be expected, but the low beams do not work on either side and the little white lens on the driver's side is cracked and broken.

1. How can I tell whether the lowbeams are even attached properly, or whether it is a more serious electrical problem, and

2. What is the technical name for that small white lens light on the front most corner so I can search parts?


posted by  ElizabethKB

have you checked the fuses?
if you have a test light you can check for power at the lights plug
if not get a new bulb(s) and try it
its possible both low beams are burntout
as for the broken lens you might find one at a wrecking yard to replace it

posted by  osborste

umm check your low beam fluid..it might be kinda low. :laughing:

posted by  whiteboy23

OMG, i never would of thought of that. WAIT, Where are the low beams located, are they not something they use in gymnastics, kinda like the high beam but closer to the ground (lower)? :laughing:

posted by  car_crazy89

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