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I had a leak in the coolant system in my 1994 Olds Achieva. The leak is fixed and system full of coolant. How do you turn the low coolant light out?
I did clear the codes by disconnecting the battery for 20 seconds.

posted by  Dave

can't clear obdII cars that way... try taking it to autozone and sweet-talking them into clearing it for you...

posted by  dodger65

the low coolant sensor should be in the overflow container its level should read similiar to engine temp the level line's on the container full cold or full hot
sometimes when the system is drained this sensor gets stuck in it hole for the float you could tap on the side of the floats housing (you cant miss it the sensor will have an eletrical plug into the container on the side) this should knock it free again

posted by  osborste

I did tap on the sensor and that did not work. Can the sensor be removed for cleaning or does it call for a replacment of the tank?

posted by  Dave

OK, after 2 days the light went out on it's own. So case is closed for now.

posted by  Dave

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