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Hi, I have a 2001 Honda Civic. For some reason, it's making a strange noise when I have my temperature turned to hot. It does not matter if the fan is on. It only happens either when I hit the gas after a complete stop, and it usually stopps after it hits 2000 rmps. Also, you can reproduce the noise when you have the car in park and just step on the gas lightly, it will come on and go away after you reach above about 2500 rpms.

Any help?

posted by  Flash 31

hmmm thats strange because the car is 1 year old.... how does it sound like. give me more details and i could probley tell u what it is and what caused it to happen.

posted by  skullz

what does it sound like? give a discription

posted by  mazda6man

whats the noise sound like?????
(im guessing loose heat shield)
more detail's man

posted by  99hatch

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