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I would like to report that I know that it has been awhile since I last Posted. The fox that I once had is now in the great junk yard. I now Have a '92 ford Aerostar. The proble that I am having is the passanger Side power window has gone all the way down and now will not come up. I have figured out that It more than Likely is the motor.

My questions are: what are some of the test for the swith and the motor and how do you get the old motor OUT :banghead:

posted by  Zderad

Can't help with testing the switch. When my power window went out, I replaced the cheapest part first. For me that happened to be the motor and I suspect the same is true for you. Really, it is hard to break a switch unless you've really abused it.

Here is how to replace a power window motor for a 91 Aerostar.

Remove the switch panel to access door panel screw behind. Pry off door panel around outer sides and bottom and lift panel up and off. Motor is inside door near front at bottom of door and secured with large rivets. Drill out the rivets, replace motor, and secure with bolts.

posted by  Laruuk

My old civic had the same problem
the window went down and then sank in there and wouldnt move
here is what to do
Open the door and take out the interior panel
inside you should see teh "guts" and there will be a little blue color box (maybe diff color) and it will have some wires coming out of it
test that somehow
i just replaced mine and it worked
another tihng is that the window sits in a little groove of its own. sometimes it falls out
just do the same tihng i said before but take the window and sit it in the groove
be careful
the window is very heavy so dont drop it

posted by  6000LE

It's either off the track, or the motor's dead. When I had a 96 cavalier, the window went down but wouldn't go up, because the motor was basically fried. It eventually went up, after I waited about 2 hours, heh.

posted by  ThirdeYe

I had an 86 Cougar that the passenger window wouldn't go up occasionally. I had to slam the door a few times and it would eventually go up. I think it may have had a flat spot on the motor, or a gear was binding up. It only happened when I rolled the window all the way down.

posted by  968racer

Try Replacing The Motor My Teacher Has The Same Problem Her Window Wont Go Up

posted by  google.com

While you are at it send me $100, cause you may be throwing out money anyway. Start cheap, check your fuses.

posted by  srober32

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