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My wife has developed a permanent medical condition that is aggitated by bumping from riding in a car. I have limited funds to find her the smoothest ride I can. I was hoping this community could offer some ideas.

We currently own a Focus and Cougar. I can put about 3-5 thousand into this. The Cougar blue books at a little over 7k. I would be willing to sell the Cougar and buy a different car (giving me a budget of 10-12k), or modify the suspension/struts on the Focus.

What are my options? Is this a realistic budget, or do I need to save some more up? My wife and I would like to thank you in advance for any ideas.

posted by  ug333

i gotta 88 caprice and its really smooth,but then again, there is smoother.
just an idea.

posted by  whiteboy23

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