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I was just wondering how hard it is to replace brake pads on a Infiniti I30. I need both front pads and seeing that I am about to change my oil, I figured I MIGHT be able to do the brake pads too.

Is this a job that a novice at cars could handle, or should I just leave it up to the shop to do it?



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Does no reply mean that I shouldn't do it? :ticking:

posted by  dfownz

several posts have been made on brakes

spray caliper and old pads w/ brake parts cleaner.

Before doing this, get a shop manual for your car since it will have Manufacturer specific procedures

After removing the front wheels remove a little brake fluid from the resivoir.
remove the two caliper bolts and remove the caliper.
if the car does not have ABS, then the calpier iis bottomed by pushing the piston back into the bore by with a c-clamp or water pump pliers (use an old brake pad between the piston and c-clamp to pervent damage to the piston) if the car has ABS, slightly open the bleed screw before bottoming the calpiper to prevent forcing crud through the HCU. After the piston is bottomed, tighten the bleed screw.

inspect the rotor with micrometers and a dial indicator for thickness and run-out. If the rotors are not within specs, they should be replaced (On many Nissan products, they can be removed by removing the torque plate)

After coating the back of the brake pads with anti-squeal, install them and re-install the caliper. Torque all fasteners to manufacturer's specifications.

top off the fluid, pump the brake pedal a few times to seat the pads, replentish brake fluid and test drive.

Use good quality parts (OEM, Raybestos, Bendix, etc.)

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Need a hand there Lauren, i'm pretty good with my hands. :smoke:

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