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car will not start,lights,radio,horn,etc work,but when you turn the switch
nothing happens....what can it be..

posted by  krnshelley

Check the starter, alternator, or distributer. How old are your spark plugs?

posted by  99integra

I had a Taurus and problems with the parking pawl pin. The local kids also enjoyed giving the back bumper a thump to trigger the engine immobiliser. It was my first foray with a US brand from showroom and the last. It died of fuel starvation on hills during hot spells, rolled all by it's self down my 45┬░driveway and into a tree while the thing had the keys out of the ignition.

posted by  Wally

Does the fan (A/C, Heat) work? If not, you've simply got a broken wire between the fuse box (engine compartment) and ignition switch (under steering wheel). First, find the light green wire w/purple stripe. This is the problem wire. To test, run a jumper wire from the lt.green/purple wire on the fuse box to the lt.green/purple wire on the ignition switch. If you can now start it, you've just go to find the break and fix it.

You'll need to follow the wire searching for any rub marks. If you find a mark tap it. The copper corrosion is the same color as the wire sheathing. You may have to follow the harness under the driver's side fender. If so, you'll have to remove the wheel and fenderwell to access it.

I had the same problem with mine last month too. The corrosion poured out of the wire and it simply pulled apart in my hands. Two hours studying the schematic, three hours trouble-shooting, a 15-cent yellow butt connector, and 6" of electrical tape and my problem was solved. My guess is that the dealership would have charged $500 to $1000.

Good Luck

posted by  firenzagt

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