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My 1991 Mazda had dim lights and a slow operating windshield wiper on the highway. The next morning the car was slow to start, but I decided against driving it. The following morning the car did not start at all. This past weekend, I jumped the car to get it started. Turned the engine off and started the car up with no problems. When I turned off the car a second time, the car did not start again. I jumped the car a second time but this time decided not to turn the engine off until I drive to a service station. However, when I put the car in reverse, the car died. That same day, I replaced the battery and everything seemed to operate fine. I drove the car this morning for roughly 30+ miles. I never confirmed if the alternator was bad. Is it impossible for the car to run with a bad alternator and a new battery or is it merely a matter of time before I begin to experience the same set of problems/symptoms? Please help! Thank you in advance!

posted by  ckim

yes based on ur cars needs and accessories on, plus bat size and rating, it will last for awhile with a new battery. umm have your charging system checked. this does not mean go out and buy a new alternator.

posted by  thongsai

i had the same problem for a while, i was a little low on water in my battery, check for that. it turned out to be just the battery..

posted by  C c C

And always remember...\/

posted by  srober32

I am in the exact same situation as you at the moment. I've got for a full week on my battery and it's held up strong. Good luck.

posted by  '89Camry

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