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mmmmm i dont think this is the place for it but plz forgive i am trying to find something on the internet video file or even word pad text i need to do the timeing in are mitsubishi magna 92 {australia} and i am going to take off the block to have it all worked but i need to put it all back togetther so if anyone know's somewere on the internet it will help or just write are BIG repley it will help

ty for any help :thumbs:

posted by  Vegeta-inc

Try getting a rebuild manual for the engine, it will help you with rebuilding the engine and with replacing the parts where they belong. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

do you know somewere i can get one ???

posted by  Vegeta-inc

have you tried dedicated magna forums? e.g.

posted by  Wally

ROFL :oops: na i havent gone there :doh:
ty guys

posted by  Vegeta-inc

do what i do go to the local library see if they have one i order mine if its not on the shelf

I am a 1990 tp magna owner just did my own head but dont know how to do your model :thumbs:

posted by  dirty hands

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