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1996 Pontiac Grand AM SE, V6, 3.1L.

I have two questions, actually.
1. First of all, I had posted before about my emergency brake, which is kewl now. But the lights around the temperature gauge are still very dimmed, almost non-working. So, that was first, than the front right door power window quit going up/down from the passenger side *it works from the driver's side*. Than the lights on my doors became dimmed *my switches on the doors light up multi-colored/red/orange. You get the picture* Than the lights around the heater *where you change from heater, defroster, a/c* became dimmed. Than it was 3 lights on my cd player that became dimmed.

So, my question is, *even though I know my cd player is seperate*, is this a lightbulb problem, or a fuse problem? Sorry if I didn't describe in details, but that's all I could think of at the moment.

2. The past couple of days, my car has not wanted to let me get my car outta the ignition, so I've had to mess around with it, to finally get it out. I asked my Uncle to take a look at it, he said he would, but he didn't that day, instead he told me it was either; a) the car wasn't in park *which is possible, but seeing as how I have power locks, and I never let myself out, the car will not unlock unless done by hand, without the car being in park and shut off. So, that's not possible in my case* or b) bad key. He told me to try the spare key...I did....and what do ya know? The key IS still stuck in the ignition, and has been for 3 days now! I had to unhook the battery to get it to shut off!

So, my question is, is this a problem with the steering column *as my Uncle said*, or could it be something else? The steering column is $50, which I really can't afford, but I'll make do. I just wanted to know if this was it, because I don't wanna buy it, if it could be something else, like the key shift *is that what it's called*. Any help, I'll be grateful.

P.S. Just a curious it bad to leave your fog lights on all the time? And what I mean by all the time is I never turn the switch off, but the fogs don't come on til it starts getting dark at nite. So, they're not running constantly...just curious...

posted by  jlynnek

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