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Ok my roomate has a 1985 mitsubishi starion. We got the 2 fuel injectors and supposedly one is weaker than the other. My question is this does it matter which position they are put in? becuase it isnt working right yet and I am wondering if this could be the problem.

The problem is it starts and runs but will die if you dont push the pedal and when you do push the pedal there is no power.

posted by  tenacious_b

I would get two new injectoors for the car. Also check your pressure regulator I would month the weaker of the two closer in on the TBI unit (assuming it is TBI from your post I would have to guess that.
that is my :2cents: :) Good luck

posted by  DarkMan

well my friend i suggest you take and check your presure of the injectors and find the regulator. when you find the regulator look in your high speed book of info on your car (either chiltons or haynes) and consult the readings. then you will know exactly what the issue is. i think it is the regulator. proper presure is what keeps it running. so good luck with that.

posted by  frizzal

so you press the gas and it dies out why do you assume it's the injectors? has it been diagnosed properly?(injectors are a very rare failure item although they do fail sometimes, it isn't that commonl, unless it's a new cummings diesel

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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