what does the abs light do.

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Hi, I am curious if your ABS light comes on what does it control and is there usually a big problem. I dont have it on I am just curious.

posted by  Fgreco

I believe it just signifies that your ABS, (Automatic Braking System) is either engaged or having trouble.. one or the other, not sure. :doh:

Edit: It is an Anti-Lock Braking system, i mean. :ohcrap:

Also Edit: The light comes on when your ABS is having problems. The ABS is supposed to start up when you have a panic stop, ie. Slamming the Brake pedal. When the light is on, it just means that the Anti-Lock wont work, and the car is much more likely to skid when you slam the brakes, or stop on ice.

posted by  Bubba

yep, if the system is working properly, the light should flash on ignition, then go off. a light that is permanently on is indicating a fault in the system.

there is a thread around about antilock vs normal brakes if you want to know more about them.


posted by  windsonian

an abs light which remains on means trouble with the system and should be addressed by someone with the diagnostic equipment and tools required to trouble shoot and fix the system

posted by  tbaxleyjr

the more common abs problems come from wheel speed sensors, get the codes pulled off the abs module and start from there, is it rwal or 4 wheel abs? you can tell by following speed sensor wires if it's a truck and you see no wires going to the front wheel bearing area then look on the top of the rear diff, you might find a plug going to a ringtone sensor on the ring gear, either broken wires or the tone rings are missing teeth or rocks stuck in em, ive seen vehicles with bad wheel bearing(REALLY BAD) throw an abs code because the sensor picks up signals from the ringtone that is flopping around due to the wheel bearing and ive seen codes because of the rear diff is totally gooobered, other than that it might throw a code for an internal failure in the abs module in which case it needs to be properly diagnosed and you'll probably shell out a grand for the stupid box alone, either way if you know how to effectively brake in an emergency situation then screw it get black electrical tape and put it over the light lol, i dont have abs so i don't have these problems so good luck

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Thanks to all of you for answering my question. Sorry I have not been here in a while. thanks agian.

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