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As mentioned, I know nothing of car engines - yet I was arguing with a friend of mine about turbos in cold weather. I say the cool air makes MORE a difference to a normally aspirated car, than to a turbo. He says the cold air makes MORE of a difference in cold air than a naturally aspiraited.

Which is it?

My mind tells me that cooler atmospheric air causes air to sink, creating the molecules to be closer, and ultimatly creating a high pressure. This higher pressure air help the permance of a naturally aspirated car. The difference between out coastal region and where I stay (1000+ meters above sea level) is an 18 percent reduction, while a turbo is only 5%.

Obviously a higher pressure is going to push that 18 percentage reduction down - to perhaps 12%. While a turbo would benefit less from atmospheric pressure - and might drop to 4%.

Who is right?

posted by  Dolby

You notice the cooler denser air having an effect on a turbo engine.

posted by  Wally

Either way you will still see a difference. Cooler compressed air=more air in combustion chamber. I would say it would make more of a difference to the engine with more compressed air (turbocharged).

posted by  TurboLag

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