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:hi: hello, i am a new member and i first want to thank all in advance for hopefully helping me with my car problems. I'd also like to tell you a little about my self, I live in south lake thaoe, california, united states, i have 1 child and alot of car troubles.
so the car im having a problem with is a subaru legacy 1990, the problem is that it turns over but wont start, and im pretty sure it is something on the inside of the car under the dash in the electrical, reason being because my boyfriend did somthing to it so i am unable to drive it and it has to be somthing reather quick and easyly hided because ive wtach him start it before when its like this so............
i have no idea can anyone help me?

posted by  krikit22204

he did it on purpose? why not get him to fix it back to normal? he,s probably hotwiring it or disabling the alarm i dunno get a picture maybe

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Hi, im 16, but dont ignore me for that. :mrgreen: If the engine is turning over, then it is PROBABLY not your electrics under the dash. it may be your distributor, but if its turning over, then the starter is definetly OK. if your dude friend can start it in front of you like this, then thats a whole new ball game. Ask him to walk you through it, and note EVERYTHING hes doing. he may be cheating you on thiis one. :fu: Tell me what noises its making when you start it, and i may be able to help you better then. :laughing:


Check that all of the fuses are in place and not blown. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

alright chick im sure you have probably fixed the issue but just so you know i beleive that he has done whatever to your car on purpose to keep you where he wants you. but none the less, i beleive that if he is starting it without going under the hood it is probably in the fuse box under the dash. if you look at the fuse box and the fuse box map then you can see the fact that there is either one missing or one loose. just a thing to look at. and make sure all of your wires are connected good and not loose or fraied. so good luck with that.

posted by  frizzal

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