olds 455 engine to a 1977 olds tranny

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I have a few questions.I have a 1980 chevy truck with a 455 engine.Will a tranny fit from a 1977 olds cutlass?
Also,I would like to know if anybody can send me a vacuum diagram for a 1986 quadrajet carb?All this would be very much appreciated.

posted by  crank305

Are you sure it is a 455 motor? Because chevy didn't make a 455 they made a 454. However it could be a swap out that someone put in aftermarket. That being said, if it is a 455 is it a Pontiac, a Buick or an Olds 455? And I guess the answer is if it is a 455 an Olds tranny should fit the motor but you have to worry about the tailshaft length matching up to the driveshaft. If it is a 454 motor then you cannot easily fit an Olds tranny onto the Chevy block.

posted by  srober32

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