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Well, after much ado, the head gasket in my car is replaced.(1991 Sundance, 2.5L 4-Banger, Auto tranny)

But....the engine is smoking again. The head was not warped or cracked, the new gasket was put in properly, torqued to spec(in correct steps/order). All fluids were changed with the gasket replacement, all lines reconnected, everything tightened and clamped.

I believe the smoke is coming from the drivers side of the engine. It is kind of hard to tell at night....

What I checked:
~Oil - Level is good, clean still.
~Antifreeze/coolant - Level is good

The engine seems to be running fine, except for that damn smoke. I want to nip this effing problem now, before it becomes a major issue AGAIN.

Any suggestions?

As a side note, I somehow managed to destroy the voice coil in my subwoofer. It sat for the last few months, stored level(i'm talking lying on its magnet). It worked fine before my car broke down, but now the coil is SHOT....(how do I know? it rattles like a dirty whore). Funny thing is, I never overpowered it, or pushed it to levels of distortion(mostly because my car can't handle that/would rattle to pieces if I did that). I am going to cry. I hope the place where I bought it from will exchange the sub, because I don't have the money for a replacement right now. Enough of that rant.

posted by  dodgerforlife

:ohcrap: well let me ask you this what color is the smoke, blue, white or black.

posted by  yellowstang

night...could have been any, but i belive it was sorta gray looking, so either white or black(leaning more towards white), i could have told if it was blue..

posted by  dodgerforlife

Is the smoke coming from the engine bay or the tail pipe?

posted by  Wally

it was from the engine.

apparently we forgot to connect the return hose from the valve cover to the air breather...didnt notice it at night...

posted by  dodgerforlife

I was gong to suggest the PCV. Glad you sorted it and I hope the bore binders hold this time.

posted by  Wally

Blatant flame...DUH? Just kidding, sometimes you just forget stuff.

posted by  srober32

yeah oops sorry forgot to tighten your wheel ma'am :mrgreen:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

lol ya ya ya....

all is good now

even my sub got replaced....straight up trade(well, close, went from 2ohm to 4ohm model, but same difference really)....managed to pop the voice coil completely off :thumbs:

posted by  dodgerforlife

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